Mask Purge

All air bubbles forced out from the purge valve are directed to the side of the mask, so that it does not obstruct any of the diver’s vision.

Corrective Lens

These masks are corrective lens compatible. Negative diopters (-1 to -8) are available for this mask.

Gauge Reader Corrective Lens

The gauge readers bifocals help the diver see better at a downward angle.

Ultra Low Volume

A flatter type of mask that brings the mask lens closer to the diver’s face. This gives the diver a wider angle of view underwater.


These masks provide more down view vision than other masks. Perfect use for reading gauges.

EZ Adjust

Masks equipped with easy adjust mask straps allows the diver to tighten or loosen the mask strap without effort.

Quick Release

Nearly all Tilos masks are equipped with a quick release buckle. Detaching mask straps and replacing mask side buckles are quicker and easier than ever.

Indented Nose

The soft patch of silicone located on both sides of the mask nose pocket makes it easier to pinch your nose to equalize underwater.

Crystal Silicone

The Crystal Silicone material is softer to the touch and prevents premature discoloration. The channeled skirt also deflects exhaust bubbles.

Foldable Mask Clip

Allows for compact storage of the mask.


The E-Band has a three dimensional design that snugly fits against the head’s natural curvature. The E-Band strap offers unprecedented comfort and fit unlike standard flat mask straps.


Panoramic View masks feature a variety of designs offering an incredibly wide field of view. The designs incorporated include: minimum frame volumes, domed side windows, reduced frame structures, as well as single and double lens for maximum utility.

Tempered Glass

Meets all ANSI standards.

Enlarged Single Lens

Enlarged single lens provides an incredibly wide, unobstructed view.

Overmolded Frame

Frame is molded with TPR Rubber, making this mask nearly unbreakable.


Fitting of the mask is tailored towards kids or adults with narrow faces.