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1mm Thermoflare Cap

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1mm Thermoflare Cap

Item: H1020
$ 29.95 USD
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Thermoflare is a new material used in the lining of several Tilos items. It’s made from two types of fabrics which have different insulating properties. When they are combined to create the Thermoflare liner they offer exceptional warmth and comfort. The dark part of Thermoflare is hydrophilic (absorbs water). This pulls water in and traps it allowing your body to heat it creating a barrier of warm water. Since it holds the water in place there is less water to re-warm. The lighter part of Thermoflare is a hydrophobic (repels water) hollow fiber. It has a fleece like feel against the skin and has excellent insulating properties adding even more warmth. It is also very fast drying.

More details
  • 1mm 250% SuperStretch Cap
  • 1mm 250% SuperStretch smooth skin face seal
  • Adjustable velcro chin strap
  • Thermoflare liner offer exceptional warmth and comfort
  • Retains as much as a 2mm ~ 3mm thick fabric
  • Allows you to feel dry and warm, even after your second dive / swim
  • Watertight blindstitched throughout
  • Multiple vents that release air – prevents air bubbles from forming

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