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1mm Titanium Neoprene Beanie

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1mm Titanium Neoprene Beanie

Item#: H1010
$ 16.95 USD
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The Tilos 1mm Metalite Beanie beats the chill and is a smart addition to any diver’s warm water gear bag. The skull-cap design and Metalite Coating allow it to provide good thermal protection without the constricting feel of a full hood. The anatomical shape and multi-adjustable neck cinch also give divers a precise fit. This beanie also protects hair from tangling with silicone straps.

More details
  • 1mm 250% SuperStretch Cap
  • 1mm 250% SuperStretch smooth skin face seal
  • Adustable velcro chin strap
  • 100% Titanium coating on entire cap
  • Titanium coating “reflects” warmth, increasing heat retention
  • Retains as much as a 2mm ~ 3mm thick fabric
  • Dries faster than standard neoprene as the Titanium lining naturally sheds water
  • Allows you to feel dry and warm, even after your second dive / swim
  • Watertight blindstitched throughout
  • Multiple vents that release air – prevents air bubbles from forming

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