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Item: RL8000-N
$ 452.95 USD
Size Guide

The Glacier's fully sealed 1st stage is ice diving ready. The triangular hose ports have 1 HP and 2 LP ports on each side making it easy to route inflator hoses for drysuits and BCD inflators. The offset HP ports allow room to mount most wireless transmitters for air integrated computers. The Glacier uses the Atlantic adjustable 2nd stage.

More details

First Stage

  • Balanced diaphragm
  • Ice diving ready
  • Satin brass chrome finish with heavy duty knob
  • Nitrox ready
  • 4 low pressure ports (3/8" - 24 UNF)
  • 2 high pressure ports (7/16" - 20 UNF)
  • Weight 36.0oz (1020g)
  • Service kit available ( Tilos Item# SK-RS811YOKE-N)

Second Stage

  • Adjustable venturi knob
  • High grade chromed brass air supplier sleeve
  • Silicone diaphragm and exhaust vavle
  • Nitrox ready
  • Weight 12.8ox (263g)
  • Service kit available ( Tilos Item# SK-OCFR02)

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