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Saber Full Foot Fin

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Saber Full Foot Fin

Item#: F7012
$ 63.95 USD
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The Saber fins have drag reducing vents and are lightweight and flexible. The full foot fins have soft TPR foot pockets for added comfort. The open heel fins have adjustable quick release buckles to make removing the fins at the end of the dive easy. The pre-arched shape of the blade scoops water throughout the kick providing maximum thrust with less effort. The open heel fins are compatible with the Tilos FN061 Silicone Stretch straps which make getting the fins on and off much easier and quicker.

More details

Tilos brand new Saber fin blades are pre-arched – incorporating “super channel” technology which scoops water throughout the kick, producing maximum thrust.

  • Drag reducing vents
  • Lightweight, flexible and durable fin blade
  • Soft TPR foot pocket reduces strain on user’s feet
  • The pre-arched soft PTR material build within the fin’s blade scoops water throughout the kick, producing maximum thrust and reducing fatigue
  • Water drain hole prevents water from being retained inside the foot pocket

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