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Stretch Fin Strap & Buckle Set

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Stretch Fin Strap & Buckle Set

Item#: FN061
$ 38.95 USD
Size Guide

Stretch Fins Straps can be used on compatible Tilos Fins to replace the adjustable buckle system. The Stretch Fins Straps eliminate the need to tighten your fins once you put them on. To remove the fins you do not need to find a buckle release. You just grab the strap and pull it off. Ideal for divers who are doing surf entries because you don't need to mess with adjustments while in the surf zone.

More details
  • Attaches to most modern fins with “post style” mounting
  • Super stretchable silicone strap with quick release clips
  • Comes in a 2 piece package set
  • Package includes 4 female quick release buckles that attach to the fin strap mounting post
  • Compatible with Tilos’ Torrent (Item no. F7200), Streamline (Item no. F7204), Saber (Item no. F7011), Fiji (F7013), and Starburst (F9000)
  • How to select the proper size
  • Remove the strap from one of your fins
  • Insert your foot into the fin pocket while wearing your boot
  • Measure from the center of mounting knob on one side of the fin, around you heel, to the center of the mounting post on other side
  • Choose the Silicone Straps with an overall length that is approximately 1″ (25.4mm) shorter than this measured distance

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