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U-Pro Purge Snorkel

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U-Pro Purge Snorkel

Item#: S500
$ 21.95 USD
Size Guide

The U-Pro and U-Pro II snorkels both feature an over-sized bore tube to maximize air flow. They both have bottom purge valves making it easier to clear. The U-Pro has a drop away mouth piece so that that it does not interfere when divers switch to their regulators. The U-Pro II has a ridged flex tube which keeps the mouthpiece in place for snorkelers.

More details
  • Swivel bore tube design allows air to flow freely through the tube without airflow interruption
  • Prompt clearing through bottom drain valve
  • Ergonomic shape ideal for snorkeling
  • Adjustable mask strap retaining clip
  • Pre-curved PVC connector
  • Crystal silicone mouthpiece

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