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Vulcan Jr Open Heel Fin

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Vulcan Jr Open Heel Fin

$ 69.95 USD
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The Vulcan Junior adjustable snorkeling fins let kids enjoy exploring the pool, lake, and ocean. The fins are sized to wear on bare feet, or wear with lycra or neoprene fin socks for extra protection from sand and blisters during long snorkeling excursions. Soft rubber foot pockets make these fins easy to wear barefoot, or with Sand Socks for extra protection during longer snorkel trips. Adjustable heel straps mean that the fins can be used year after year as kids grow, or swapped between family members with different size feet - perfect for keeping at the lake house or pool for guests. Fins have plenty of snap and give plenty of propulsion, yet are easy to kick and control even for younger legs. Size small fits little kids shoe size 9-13 Size large fits kids/youth shoe size 1-4. FREE Mesh tote bag included!

More details
  • Composite design vented open heel fins with adjustable straps designed to follow the kid’s growth.
  • Open heel fins with adjustable straps designed for kids aged from around 4 to 12 years old.
  • Straps have a large thumb loop for easy donning and doffing. Dual vented blades for power and energy saving.
  • Water drain hole prevents water from being retained inside the foot pocket
  • Packaged in mesh bag

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