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Women's 3/2mm Formfit Supreme Stretch Jumpsuit

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Women's 3/2mm Formfit Supreme Stretch Jumpsuit

$ 329.95 USD
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The Formfit is the premium line of Tilos wetsuits. It uses different thickness and stretch materials throughout the suit to provide excellent flexibility without sacrificing comfort. Formfit suit also have additional panels to provide a custom fit feel. The Formfit feature Heatloc lining, a plush lining that keeps water in place around the chest and back. This eliminates cold water flushing in these core areas making Formfit suit incredibly warm. All Tilos products are manufactured from 100 percent pure neoprene made from an exclusive formula called X-Foam, which is made from limestone (not petroleum) neoprene. This means it is completely petroleum-free and hypoallergic for people with sensitive skin. This also makes X-Foam the only neoprene formula that complies with the very strict P.A.H. and REACH test requirements.

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Material Structure‍

  • 3mm Ti-Stretch skin chest
  • 3mm Ti-Stretch back
  • Heatloc plush lining inside chest and back
  • 2mm 250% Ti-SuperStretch sleeves & legs
  • Adjustable 250% SuperStretch GlideSkin seal collar‍


  • Flat-Stitched throughout entire suit
  • Triangle-Stitched around wrists & ankle‍

Extra Features‍

  • Back water barrier YKK #10 metal zipper head
  • Zipper pull-tab with Velcro locking
  • Back key pocket
  • Prebent Supratex kneepads‍‍‍


  • Slimming effect design
  • Combination of three different stretch materials to maximize stretch without compromise to durability and shape retention. It provides an excellent fit to a wide range of people.

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