Zenith 7/6/5mm Supreme Stretch D-Zip Jumpsuit

Item: JD7069

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Zenith 7/6/5mm Supreme Stretch D-Zip Jumpsuit

Item: JD7069
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The embodiment of style and utility, the Zenith 7/6/5mm Supreme Stretch D-Zip Full Suit from the Tilos 2009 Line epitomizes the luxurious comfort modern divers aught to enjoy with current diving technologies. The top-of-the-line suit design is based on 250% Supreme Stretch fabric throughout for maximum warmth and movement, and topped off with numerous features that excel over all other competition.

Material Structure

  • 250% SupremeStretch material double-lined throughout entire suit
  • 7mm Thermowall body – enhanced heat retention & quick-dry feature
  • 7mm lower front/hips
  • 6mm shoulders/back waist/side panels
  • 5mm Powertex elbows
  • 5mm Glideskin neck/lower sleeves
  • 5mm sleeves/back lower legs/aside lower front
  • 4mm crotch
  • 1mm Glideskin in inner wrists/cuffs
  • Double watertight glued throughout entire suit
  • Blindstitched outside & inside entire suit
Extra Features
  • SupremeStretch fabric molds to individual body shapes like a second skin
  • Back water barrier YKK #10 metal zipper
  • Back key pocket
  • Prebent Supratex kneepads
  • Water barrier YKK #5 front zipper
  • Water barrier YKK #8 wrist and ankle zippers
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