Crystal Silicone Mouthpiece

The crystal silicone material is soft to the touch and prevents premature discoloration. Also reduces jaw fatigue.

Curved Mouthpiece

An architectual mouthpiece with ample bit and pre-curved design. Specially designed for maximum comfort.

Child Sized Mouthpiece

Mouthpiece designed specifically for juniors & kids.

Submersible Dry Top

Designed to provide divers and snorkelers completely dry breathing, the dry top offer complete protection from water entry, even when submerged, ensuring 100% dry breathing.

Anti Splash Top

Obstructs the entry of water from splashing into the tube, keeping it dry.

Purge Valve System

Allows the diver to clear water quickly from the snorkel with a simple blow.

Quick Release Snorkel Keeper

Simply squeezing down on the snorkel keeper quickly releases the mask from the snorkel.

Adjustable Mask Strap Retaining Clip

Allows you to adjust or remove the mask easily.

Rollable Tube

Tube of the snorkel is soft, allowing the snorkel to be rolled. Perfect to store in your pocket as a back-up snorkel.


Ideal for snorkeling.

Smooth Bore Flex Tube

Allows air to flow freely through the tube without airflow interruption.

Pre-curved Connector

Pre-curved PVC Connector adds flexibility to the snorkel’s mid-section, reducing jaw fatigue.

S.O.S. Whistle Housing

Snorkel housing specially equipped with a whistle.